What is the Singapore Convention, and why should American litigators pay attention?

For months the international dispute resolution community has anticipated August 7, 2019, as the signing date for an important new multilateral treaty. Following the path of the highly influential New York Convention and its influence in the realm of international arbitral awards, the newly signed United Nations Convention on International Settlements Resulting from Mediation—or “Singapore Convention […]

Texas Appellate Court Applies NFL CBA’s “Non-Injury Grievance” Provisions to Compel Arbitration of Former Star’s Career-Ending Injury Claim

In an August 1, 2019 opinion (Houston NFL Holding L.P. v. Ryans), the Houston-based First Court of Appeals enforced the National Football League’s Collective Bargaining Agreement by ordering a state trial court to compel arbitration of a premises-liability claim asserted by former All-Pro (and former Texans player) DeMeco Ryans. Then playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, […]